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Before Redesigning Take Inventory of Your Current Website Is Your First Step

If you are thinking about redesigning your website, you should make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. There are many great motives that you ought to think about before a website redesign.

Before Redesigning Take Inventory of Your Current Website

With our Website Redesign Process, we systematically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your existing website so that we can determine what needs to be changed or eliminated.

Website Redesign Process

Let your analytics drive your decisions rather than your subjective viewpoint. If your site is attracting visitors and converting them into leads, you shouldn’t make changes.

Understanding the User Journey is the Second Step

The user journey highlights the different actions and emotions that a user may feel during each stage of the purchase process.

Understanding the User Journey

In order to redesign your website successfully, we must first understand what your customers are looking for, what questions they have, and how they will find that information on their way to making a purchase. We accomplish this by using heat maps.

Using Heat Maps

We use heat maps to show us how users interact with different elements on your site so that we can make quick updates as needed. With an optimized design that focuses on the user journey and addressing any friction, enable us to generate measurable results.

Inspiration and Goals are the Third Step in the Website Redesigning Process

During this step of the Website Redesign process, we gather information about the requirements and goals you wish to achieve with your new website. Some people want their website to appear more professional, while others are trying to increase sales.

Website Audit

Following a site audit, we’ll know what areas of the site need improvement and can set design goals accordingly.

The Fourth Step is to Create a Redesigning Strategy

Afterward, we will create a plan and strategy intended to aid us in achieving the website goals. Whereby the content will be handled in a strategic way to give your website an edifying, professional and captivating appearance. This will ensure that your audience engages with your website.

Create A Redesign Srategy

Assessment of the Content and Images in Step 5 Of A Redesign

Our Web Redesign service includes updating Alt tags, Meta tags, images, videos, and focus keywords needed for redesigning the website based on the strategy. For this, all the text you would like on the website must be provided.

Meta Tags Update

Keep in mind, when you are writing your site content, you should use the keywords your ideal buyers search for in order to help you rank better in search engines but also better resonate with your audience.

The Sixth Step is to Redesign the Website Layout Design

Once all the content and website page layouts have been written, our team will create a mockup of the design so that your desired website design can be developed. We can also review any changes or suggestions during this phase and implement them.

Website Mock Ups

Be sure to pay attention to the key dates of your timeline. Is there a big event coming up? If you have something urgent, get started as soon as possible to get the quality website you desire.

A Redesign Sitemap Developed in Step Seven

Updating your sitemap is an important step. Your website will never get indexed if web spiders cannot crawl it; therefore, the content of that site will never get ranked in search engine results pages (SERPs). And if it does not rank within a SERP, it will never invite visitors to your site.

Redesign Sitemap

Tests and Analysis are the Final Steps Before the Launch Of A Redesign Website

Having created all the pages and defined their appearance from the front-end, it’s time to test them for function. We look for broken links and ensure the website is compatible with multiple devices.

Website Tests and Analysis

The Redesign Website Launch

After everything is working perfectly and beautifully, the website launch will take place according to the agreed plan and time. If you are looking for ways to improve the traffic to your website or want to improve search engine rankings of your website or targeted keywords, we can help.


The first step to any redesign project is to assess why your website should be redesigned. Make sure your opinions are based on solid reasoning.

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