Analytics Made Simple for The Beginner

What is all the hype about web analytics? Whether we like it or not, the future of business belongs to digital. Even before the pandemic, it pushed consumers online for everything from groceries to entertainment. Propelling web analytics to become the foundation of online digital marketing campaigns. If used properly, it can measure the performance of every campaign, from search to display, social to email, and everything in between. In addition, measure your website visitors’ entire journey, from the first time they visit your site to the time they become a valuable repeat customer.


What Does Analytics Actually Mean?

What Does Analytics Actually Mean?

Web analytics is a study of how users interact with websites or mobile apps to discover ways to improve websites and digital marketing campaigns. Achieving high-quality traffic to your website is no small feat. Knowing what attracts traffic and keeps users engaged is a constant quest. Thus, web analytics is a great tool for locating your position in the digital universe.

How Analytics Can Be Used to Measure Customers’ Experience

How Analytics Can Be Used to Measure Customers' Experience

Let’s say a customer is looking for a cream to reduce wrinkles on your face. The first thing they might do is look up “facial creams that reduce wrinkles.” Next, they may click to other websites related to facial cream that interest them. This is the start of the customer research. Hence, by using analytics to explore the user’s journey, is an effective way to grasp the user’s behavior.

Obviously, they’re not ready to buy the product at this point – they’re still looking around. However, they arrive on your website, and everything they search for is exactly what you offer. As a result, they place you on a short-list, and may even sign up to receive updates from your website, so they don’t miss any promotions.

Happy Customer

Two weeks later, you send them a promotional email offering 10% off the facial cream. This email was exactly what they needed to make a purchase decision. What role does web analytics play here? It helps measure what’s going on at every step of the customer journey, and can increase your traffic. 

The Power of Web Analytics

As you can see, web analytic tools can capture which search engines people find you on, and which pages they’re visiting. Also measure whether people convert on the goals you want to track – in the above case, the promotional email offering 10% off. 

The Power of Web Analytics

In addition, website analytical tools can tell you whether customers are returning or becoming repeat customers. Also, whether those loyal customers are becoming your advocates, such as sharing your content with others. As a result, increases your traffic and boosts your business.

How To Avoid Cart Abandonment

As you progress toward your objectives, examine your web analytics to identify bottlenecks. For example, flip the above scenario to the retail side of the house. If the retailer sets a goal of selling 500 facial creams per month, and misses its goal due to the unclear check-out process. As a result, an insufficient check-out system can cause cart abandonment. The power of web analytics can identify problems that need fixing, which provides a great customer experience.

In Conclusion

Setting clear, specific, quantifiable goals at every stage of your customer journey will create a great user experience. Therefore, a rule as it applies to website analytics is to set your goals, monitor your progress, and then apply your data to grow your business.


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