eCommerce Trends taken over Big retailers 10 Tips

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Big Retail has the technology, marketing budget, and resources to generate unique websites or build sophisticated marketing campaigns. Still, smaller online stores also have the strength, and they are moving full steam ahead. 

eCommerce Trends taken over Big retailers 10 Tips

eCommerce Trend (#1) Small Business Gaining Traction

While many big retailers offer similar products and engage in the pricing war, small online stores are moving under the radar and gaining traction with one-of-a-kind products unique to each customer.

eCommerce Trend (#2) Genuine Customer Service

Small online stores breaking the retail glass ceiling by engaging more with the customer and offering them what they want and need. Customizing and tweaking products to fit the consumers’ desires opens up a new way to do business.

eCommerce on the rise Trend (#3)

Small online stores that pivoted to e-commerce are seeing record sales. Virtually overnight, storefront businesses were forced to close as part of public health measures to stem the coronavirus’s spread. 

Social distancing and stay-at-home rules catapulted heavyweights like Walmart and Amazon to the front of the pack, as consumers leaned on online shopping and grocery delivery more than ever before.

Creating Visual and Engaging Online Websites Trend (#4)

Visual and Engaging Online Websites

I always get asked by countless small business how can they start an eCommerce business that will succeed; the following factors always come to mind:

  • Great website design
  • Brand Awareness
  • Top-notch customer support
  • A high-quality product image
  • Unique selling proposition 

Unfortunately, most small businesses lose sight of the most important things and spend days making the perfect store to close it after a month. What truly fuels your store is sales, and this should be at the heart of your eCommerce business plan.

Building Quality Online Websites

No single aspect of marketing is more important than a quality online website. A website is a front door to your eCommerce site. A “nice” website isn’t sufficient to convert users into buyers and brand ambassadors. What you need is an all-embracing website.

Take Harlem Candle Company, for instance; the eCommerce site is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by Harlem’s richness. When you enter the commerce site, you will immediately identify with the business story.

Building A Online Trustworthy Brand Trend (#5)

Trustworthy Brand eCommerce

By planting yourself in your potential customer’s mindset and answering every question they could have about your product or service, you put them at ease, build up trust in your eCommerce brand, and set yourself as the expert in your field. 

Also, your eCommerce site must work fast, precisely. Build to web standards, and proofread rigorously. Every page should always be functioning at peak performance. If not, broken, slow, or poorly constructed areas will leave your visitors frustrated and encourage them to go.

eCommerce Brand awareness is essential because it helps viewers understand, recall, and become content with your brand and products. Building brand awareness amongst your target demographic will help your brand stay on top of visitors’ minds when ready to make a purchase. Brand awareness should tell a compelling eCommerce business story, engage your potential customer, and create a pleasant customer journey that can turn into sales.  

For example, Golden By Herman Moore, the brand speaks to the audience very refreshingly. Displaying a message to achieve everything possible, you must first treat your body right and look your best.

People spend a great deal of their time online, indicating that the internet is not a place to miss if you’re looking for brand awareness. Get in front of consumers where they are, take advantage of all the exciting opportunities available in the digital world. 

Creating High-quality Product Image Trend (#7)

smaller online stores

There is an old saying; “First impressions are the most lasting. 

Designing high-quality images for your online stores display a visual story about your product. Ninety percent of all information that we observe daily is visual. Images attract consciousness and can be of great value when it comes to presenting eCommerce brand awareness. Also, images a great emotional trigger that you can use to draw your visitors in and get them engaged in your relevant content and product.

An excellent eCommerce site with appeal and great traction is Coco and Breezy Eyewear, founded in 2009 by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson. 

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be the only player in your industry , you’ll need to differentiate yourself from your competition through your unique selling proposition.

Engaging with Customers eCommerce Trend (#8)

In contrast to larger eCommerce, small business owners can instantly engage with their buyers. One of the great perks of small online stores you get first-hand feedback that a sampling or focus group cannot match. Due to this, you can give accurate product advice and personalized services.

Superb Customer Service Trend (#9)

Superb Customer Service eCommerce Trend

Apart from guided messages, electronic greetings, and unconnected scripts, smaller online stores help address customer concerns more passionately and quickly.

There’s no need to go through a long chain of command. If a client needs something done, you or your employees can handle it quickly and decisively—no need to wait for approvals. Decisions are made rapidly, and customers don’t have to wait for solutions. Another great perk of being a small retail owner!

Cutting Out Bureaucracy eCommerce Trend (#10)

Rolling out new products can be a painless process for rising small online stores. The lack of corporate bureaucracy makes it more relaxed to move forward with plans or changes.

Additionally, customers can significantly influence what products or services are put out on the market. Feedback directly from the customer during a product development cycle helps them roll out new features quicker than the more prominent companies.


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