What is Social Media Integration? Social media integration enables you to use social channels in conjunction with your existing website and marketing campaigns. For instance, if you add these buttons to your pages, your audience will be able to share and follow your content. By allowing your customers to link or share information between your website and social media accounts, you can increase your traffic.

How to Succeed with Social Media Integration Services

How To Integrate Social Media With WordPress

Most WordPress themes are equipped with automatic social media buttons. For the most part, these are accessible through the “Customize” screen.

How To Integrate Social Media With WordPress

Alternatively, you can hard code these buttons to your pages if you are experienced in site development. However, many people will use various WordPress plugins, which will allow them to add social media to their websites without having to deal with coding.

How Social Media Makes Content Sharing Easy

If you run a blog, sell products, or post articles on your website, share the content with social media sharing buttons. A solid social media integration strategy will increase traffic to your website from social media and increase your social media following.

Integrate Social Login Plugins

A website that allows social login can also reduce the amount of spam you receive and make registering your website easier for the average user. According to a study by WebHostingBuzz, “86% of people find it frustrating to have to open a new account for every site they visit”. An additional 77% think social logins are “a good solution that should be available on every site”.

Integrate Social Login Plugins

This type of login may be familiar to you if you visited a website and were greeted by the “Login With Facebook” button. 

Integrate Auto-Publishing Into Your Social Media Channels

Creating and sharing content on your own social media accounts will help increase your site’s visibility, as well as encourage your audience to share your content. In addition to sharing posts, articles, and media of interest to your social audience. 

The image above displays a neat built-in feature WordPress has in its calendar. This tool allows you to schedule your blog posts for a certain date and time. This way, you don’t have to worry about manually publishing every blog post. Once you set the time for publishing your posts, they go live automatically.

Benefits Of Integrating Social Media On Website

Below are 4 of the most crucial benefits of integrating social media into your website that can benefit brands both financially and non-financially. Social media presents endless opportunities for companies.


Conversions Rate Increase

Exposure to a larger audience. Increasing your conversion rate and sales.



By integrating social media, you can channel traffic with creative visual social content..



Gain insights into consumers’ social behavior. Build brand image & reputation


Customer Engagement

Improve engagement and interaction on your website to deliver a seamless experience.

Social media has endless possibilities for a business, which is why it’s recommended that you link social media to your website.

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