How does Google Search Engine work?

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How Do Google Search Work?

Google Search Engines work by allowing users to search the internet for content using keywords. When a user enters a query into a Google Search Engine, a search engine results page (SERP) is returned, ranking the found pages in order of their relevance. How this ranking is done differs across search engines.

How Do Google Search Work?
Source code of a page is crawled and interpreted (HTML, JavaScript, CSS). Links detected (src and href) and added to list of pages to crawl.
How do search engines work?
Google Page Rank
Over 200 factors are used to rank pages, including site speed, content freshness, and inbound links.

Google Search Engine Challenge

How does Google Search Engine work?


Google Search Engine operates through three main functions:

  1. Crawling: First, Google searches the internet for content. Looking over codes/contents for each URL, they find
  2. Indexing: Next, Google collects and classifies the content discovered during the crawling process. Once a page is in the index, it can now be displayed in response to relevant queries.
  3. Ranking: Finely, Google renders the parts of content that will best fulfill a searcher's query, which means that most relevant to least relevant results are ordered.


To ensure your small business shows up in Google Search Engine results, Google searches your index for highly relevant content and then requests that content in the hopes of solving a search query.

The ordering of Google Search results by relevance is known as ranking. In general, you can assume that the higher a website is ranked, the more relevant the Google search engine affirms that site is to the query.

It's possible to block Google Search Engine crawlers from part or all of your site or instruct search engines to avoid storing certain pages in their index. While there can be reasons for doing this, if you want your content found by searchers, you have to make sure it's accessible to crawlers and is indexable. Otherwise, it's as good as invisible.

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Tell Google Search Engines how to crawl your site.

Suppose you used Google Search Console and found that some of your important pages are missing from the index or some of your unnecessary pages have been mistakenly indexed. In such a case, there are some optimizations you can implement to better direct Googlebot performance on web content crawled. Telling  Google Search Engines how to crawl your site can better control what ends up in the index.


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