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A membership website is a set of pages with protected content requiring a user to login to access. The site will often house content available to only those who have paid a membership fee. Most often, the membership fee could be a one-time fee for lifetime access or a recurring subscription that charges a set dollar amount each month.

Any website that provides user accounts with access to assets (that regular visitors cannot see) can be considered a membership site.
The chances are low that you will find a one-in-all plugin to cover everything. However, combining a few plugins to make your membership site functional is normal.
 If you have coding skills, you can implement some missing functionalities using custom coding or firm out that work to a programmer.
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Membership Website Project Challenge

Platform for Developing a Membership Site. Building a custom membership site is not easy. Many features and user requirements must be addressed such as plugins.


Common mistake web developers make grabbing any plugin that seems to support their basic features. Only to discover later that some “little details” exist that they had not considered and that become project “show stoppers. 


Don’t reinvent the wheel. Whether you employ custom PHP coding or use plugins (or both), have your solutions revolved around WordPress mechanisms such as user profiles, roles, and capabilities? This will make your site easier to extend and cross-plugins compatible.

Define Your Customer’s Needs

Identify User Groups

Front-end Account Management

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