Ethyleen Mungin Digital Marketing Consultant

Ethyleen Mungin is a SEO Digital Marketing Consultant for enDesign, based in Atlanta, GA. She is all about Local Online Domination through effective local search engine optimization. A distinguished graduate of Keller Graduate School of Management with a Master’s degree in Information Technology (MSIT), Project Management (MPM).

She promptly began a promising career at MCI Telecommunication as an Executive Administrator. Within ten advancing years, she started enDesign Studios. Unfortunately, due to her youngest son diagnosed with Leukemia,  Ethyleen Mungin resolved her company to focus on her ill son.

The Great news is her son is cancer-free and she is back on her grin, building a more robust and more powerful enterprise. enDesign Studios is now known as enDesign Digital Marketing.

Ethyleen States: "In my years as an SEO Consultant, I’ve been able to assist hundreds of local business owners to get established in the intricate world of digital marketing. I understand the challenges facing small business owners. I genuinely enjoy equipping them to take charge of their online presence. Most of my clients are usually shocked to discover although their marketing budgets are more restrictive (than those of more prominent companies) they can still compete online with the proper coaching and direction."


As a Digital Marketing Consultant, she is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing  clients' overall Local SEO strategy. She usually covers various duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword strategy.

Thank you for stopping by, and looking forward to working with you!

Ethyleen Mungin
CEO/Digital Marketing Consultant