Building an online brand
How To Design a Beautiful New Online Store

You are very smart to open an online store – being your own boss is challenging and gratifying, as is seeing the direct results of your hard work. Our commitment to helping you succeed in your venture has led us to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build an online store and some ideas for marketing it.

WordPress eCommerce Website

Online Store Creation Made Easy

In order to start building your online store and add products, you will need a website. We recommend the self-hosted WordPress platform. WordPress is a flexible and affordable option that is easy to adapt to any small business needs. It has the power to handle an entire e-commerce site and is flexible enough to handle a complete e-commerce site.

Find The Right Hosting For Your Online Store

Hosting and domain names are essential for getting your online store up and running. Services such as Bluehost, Hostinger, NameCheap offer affordable shared hosting plans that are ideal for new online store websites.

Online Hosting Companies

Secure Your Online Store With An SSL Certificate

Before creating your online store, you must purchase a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate, also known as Secure Socket Layers, enables you to establish a secure connection between your website and your customer’s browser, which will be reflected in your URL.

Before creating your online store, you must purchase a SSL certificate.

Choosing Your Online Store Design

Once you have your domain and WordPress installation complete, you can alter the aesthetics of your website using the wide variety of themes available within WordPress.

Choosing Your Online Store Design

Most themes include a drag and drop page builder, an advanced template builder, and premium sliders that allow you to customize your eCommerce site looks in addition to changing the aesthetics.

What You Need To Know About Building An Online Store

After you have your website up and running, it is highly recommended that you use the free, popular and extremely powerful WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin to set up your online store.

What You Need To Know About Building An Online Store

As a premium add-on, WooCommerce offers a wide variety of options that can be added to your online store to increase functionality.

How To Install And Set Up WooCommerce

Installing WooCommerce is easy since it can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard.

How To Install And Set Up WooCommerce

To install the WooCommerce plugin, log into your WordPress dashboard and click the Plugins option. The Add New option should appear as soon as you type in “WooCommerce.”

How To Install And Set Up WooCommerce

When you activate WooCommerce for the first time, you’ll see the WooCommerce Setup Wizard screen, which guides you through setting up and configuring your site with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard screen

You can create your WooCommerce online store immediately by filling out the first form, clicking on Let’s go, and completing the other parts of the form. If you choose Not right now, you can setup your store later.

After you have completed the five-step wizard, you can add products! However, you will first need to create categories for your products. There should be a name, a slug for your URL (or leave this empty and WooCommerce will use the category name), a parent category (used for child categories such as pillows and blankets), a description, and a display type.

Adding Product Tags

After adding your categories, you can now add tags. Adding tags is a similar process and isn’t necessary, but can be extremely useful for customers. Tags can be useful for grouping like items that don’t belong in the same category.

Product Additions To Your Online Store

You’ve installed WooCommerce and now you want to add a new product.

create categories for your products so they can be organized.

Add new products by selecting “Product” from the menu, and then clicking Add New. WooCommerce lets you easily add products with lots of information and images to appeal to customers (and search engines).

WooCommerce lets you easily add products

An example of a product page is shown above. As you can see, it has been numbered to help you understand how it should be filled out.

  1. Product Title: The product title usually appears above or below the product image in most themes
How to add a Product Title

2. The main content and a brief description of the product has two parts of content: the main product description and the product short description (marked ‘3’).

Adding WooCommerce Product Data

4. Adding Product Data: On the main image above, you can find a section ‘4’ called ‘Product Data’ where you can add all the important information about your product, including price, stock, SKUs, etc.

Adding WooCommerce Product Data

With the Simple Product setting, you’ll see an option to add a SKU (normally for your own records) and a price for the actual product data.

5. Product Categories: When you run a clothing store, you might have categories like ‘Shirts’, ‘Trousers’, ‘Coats’, etc. You might also group your products into categories such as ‘Jerseys’.

Product Categories example

7. Product Image: You can either upload an image or choose one from the library when you click on the ‘Set product image’ link. This will lead you to the media manager on WordPress.

Product image example

Most themes usually display product images above or next to the product title, price, and short description.

8. Product Gallery: You can upload multiple images to a single product using the WooCommerce product gallery. The gallery can be used to display your product from different perspectives or settings.

product gallery example

You can upload multiple pictures at one time by clicking the ‘Add product gallery images’ link. You can also select multiple images at the same time.

9. Publish a new WooCommerce product: Once you’ve entered all your product data, it’s time to publish

How to publish your product on WooCommerce

The process will be easier once you’ve figured out WooCommerce. Once you’ve added your products, you can use your WordPress theme options to design a stylish shop page. For further information the new WooCommerce Store Owner Guide can assist you in setting up and configuring WooCommerce.

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