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Take Advantage of a FREE Website Audit now! The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is having the right analytics setup for your business. A website audit can help you identify and resolve any obstacles in the way of success.

Take Advantage of a FREE Website Audit now!

Our web analytics services ensure that we support your business objectives while defining appropriate goals and objectives.

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To Perform an Effective Website Audit, we use industry-tested tools

Using industry-tested tools, resources, and techniques, our website audit experts create accurate analytical insights into your business, customers, and competitors.

Website Audit

Website Audit Process

A website audit is performed before a search engine optimization (SEO) or website redesign. The audit provides SEO missed opportunities and how it can be improved. Here’s how it works:

Website Performance Audit

First, we examine how your website visitors navigate — from your homepage to blog posts, to landing pages, and any related content between.

Technical Audit

Our second step involves performing a Technical SEO audit. This involves improving the load time of the site, finding robot.txt files. As well as, making sure that redirects are working correctly.

On Page and Off Page Audit

Next, the goal of our on-page SEO is to improve web pages, content, and usability. As a result, you receive more organic traffic from search engines. Hence, when each page is optimized, your site website performance rate increases. By contrast, our off-page SEO involves increasing your site’s authority by gaining external links, for example.

UX Audit of Your Website

Furthermore, we monitor customer behavior with out-of-the-box, configurable dashboards that show real-time usage trends, and track which web pages customers spend the most time on.

Website Content Audit

Not only do we monitor your user website experience, we identify strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy and content development workflow. Also, arranging your content plan to your current marketing goals, by analyzing and assessing all the content on your website.

Modules and Structure of the Website

An ideal user experience can only be achieved by designing and planning a website structure before coding. In like manner, website architecture is to reduce the user journey to a product that is effective in satisfying your visitors’ needs, much like an architect creates a structural plan for a house.

Best Practices for Website Auditing

Paired with all the above, an effective website should emphasize quality, consistency, clarity, and strategy. From blogging to social media to search engine optimization. Therefore, we use best practice to build a successful website that includes all of the above elements.

Reports for Website Audit

In conclusion, understanding creating an excellent analytics report should communicate beyond arbitrary numbers to actual business success. Therefore, we provide explanations of each metrics so you can build a successful digital marketing campagin.

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A business website is the hub of all online activity. You may not need a new website, maybe just a tune-up and some advanced optimization work. Allow us to test your current website now!