What are YouTube TrueView Action Campaigns?

What are Youtube TrueView Action campaigns, and why does they matter? TrueView Action campaigns are prominent calls-to-action (CTAs), headline text overlays to increase leads and conversions.

What are YouTube TrueView Action Campaigns?

The tool allows YouTube advertisers to prioritize specific actions like lead generation or conversions of their brand awareness. YouTube TrueView posts show up within videos streams and typically play before the user clicks to watch. These new campaigns include a headline, call to action ( CTA).


YouTube TrueView Lead Form Ads: The Basics

YouTube TrueView Lead Form Ads

Users can skip the ads after 5 seconds which provides enough time to draw in the consumer. A relevant CTA following a powerful Ad campaign can work miracles. CTAs, when clicked, will transport visitors to the landing page of choice, with a focus on conversions to drive leads.

3-step YouTube TrueView Action Campaigns process makes it seamless and quick to use.

  1. In the YouTube mobile app, the viewer watches a video and views an ad banner below your in-stream video advertisement.
  2. After clicking the CTA, the viewer is directed to an instant form that gathers lead information such as name, email, phone number, and postcode.
  3. Following submission, the viewer is presented with a “thank you” message with a link to your website. Or, a custom message can be displayed.

Like others, lead forms users never have to leave the app to submit them. The Ad form significantly increases the likelihood of completion, and all of the information will be available for download immediately.

YouTube TrueView Action Campaigns Pro’s

YouTube TrueView Lead forms are opening up a significant opportunity to drive new types of actions, allowing advertisers to leverage YouTube’s powerful Ad platform for full-funnel marketing.

What are YouTube TrueView Action Campaigns?

Full-funnel advertising across multiple Ad platforms is an enormous opportunity. Too many advertisers forget that it’s not enough just to cast a wide net—you need to move through the full process.

Full-funnel advertising is like getting a ton of people to go on a first date with you but then not getting a second date, or a third, or a full-blown relationship because you don’t know how to follow up. The first date is acceptable, but if your end goal is marriage and four kids, you’ll keep falling short.

The Downside of YouTube Ad Forms

The form ads on YouTube are whitelisted by Google, meaning you cannot just decide to run them. There is also a barrier to entry for many small businesses who don’t advertise on YouTube regularly.

A form ad requires a separate form for every campaign, and you cannot add conditions to pre-existing campaigns. Data obtained from these campaigns is also limited. In contrast to other platforms, you can only ask for name, email, phone number, and zip code-compared to those that will let you be more specific.

Despite its effectiveness, YouTube’s lead ads are not beneficial to many small businesses. It’s better to stick to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get lead ads.


The YouTube Lead Form Ads have been gaining popularity, and more advertisers have gained access since its launch. However, the format has some limitations for small businesses.

Therefore, small businesses are taking advantage of video marketing because it has become an inexpensive way to compete. Big businesses and slick, expensive ad spots won’t always have the advantage in this category. Smaller companies can stand out by:

  • Answering customer FAQs
  • Showcasing products in action
  • Asking for user-generated contributions featuring real-life customers
  • Introducing staff and showing an intimate look around operations
  • Demonstrating product use
  • Featuring video testimonials

What do you think? Do you have access to lead form ads on YouTube? How have they worked for you? How would you use them? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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