What Is On-Page SEO

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What Is On-Page SEO?

What Is OnPage SEO
On-Page SEO is everything “on” your business website

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is everything “on” your business website. The excellent news about On-Page SEO is that it’s 100% in your control. You own your website, and you or your webmaster can make edits as needed whenever you want. That means there’s no excuse to ignore or neglect your On-Page SEO!

Think of On-Page SEO as the foundation for your SEO campaign. If you don’t get this right, you won’t have a chance to rank on Google’s first page. 

What is On-Page SEO Structure?

So what does it mean to have your On-Page SEO set up correctly?

Here are the three key areas to focus on to ensure the framework of your On-Page SEO is stable:

Website Structure:

On-Page SEO Structure
On Page SEO Structure is very important to Page Ranking

The structure of your business website plays a critical role in On-Page SEO. To rank for a particular keyword, you must have a corresponding page on your website. One of the most common mistakes we see when conducting SEO Audits for clients is using a single “services” page instead of individual pages for each service.

Google is looking for the most relevant webpages to rank in their search results, so make sure you’re not combining too many different topics on a single page.

OnPage Webpage Content:

On Page Content
An Optimize Website Content is Critical to Website Visibility.

Once your website is structured correctly, then it’s time to optimize each webpage for the corresponding target keywords. “Optimize” in this case means editing the On-Page titles, meta descriptions, headers, and body copy. The goal here is to show Google that your webpage is 100% relevant to the keyword your potential visitors are seeking. 

OnPage Website Usability:

Online Presence
Website Usability Testing tells you user experience

Finally, you can’t ignore your On-Page website usability. If your website is hard to navigate, slow to load, and littered with broken links, then why would you expect Google would want to rank it high in their results? Of course, they wouldn’t because that would be frustrating for your potential visitors. Google wants to rank your On-Page as easy-to-use, fast-loading, and error-free websites.

Again, everything listed above is within your control, and it’s the most critical step because it lays the foundation for your website SEO. 

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