Remarketing: How to Run an Effective Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

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Remarketing What’s the Hype?

What is remarketing? It is connecting with visitors who have briefly interacted with your small business website or Mobile app. Keep in mind, don’t get remarketing confused with retargeting because both signify different execution methods. 


Retargeting is a remarketing realm; however, the element uses cookies for existing campaigns to better target potential customers. 


What is Remarketing

On the other hand, remarketing works by collecting visitors’ or users’ information to create new campaigns. A good example would be sending a follow-up email or SMS (short message service) to visitors or users who have left their cart on your business site.

Reaching Consumers with Remarketing

Reaching consumers who have already associated with your brand online with further ad impressions is very likely to generate online transactions or sales leads. If you’ve been struggling to get an ROI from your resale campaigns, these five tips might improve your performance.

Defined frequency cap

Too much frequency ads can get annoying and create a negative impression of your brand. Therefore, to ensure a successful Ad outcome, set a frequency cap. Without a defined frequency cap, a single customer could get blasted with your ads all day long(which is annoying). An excellent general rule is placing a cap somewhere between 5 and 7 viewable impressions per day.

Segmentation is Key

If your small business website has high traffic, you can benefit significantly by segmentation to resist overly advertising. Instead of remarketing to all website users, focus your efforts on those engaged with your brand. A couple of audience definitions that can help achieve this:

  • Time on Site> X
  • Added item to cart
  • Viewed product detail page
  • Viewed at least X pages
  • Opted in for email marketing

Define Your Targeting List

Define your targeting list by using data about how they used your website and determine audiences to exclude. Users’ exclusion will increase your remarketing campaign. For instance, remove reoccurring customers from the targeting list for some time once they made a purchase. You may only want to remove the customer from your defined targeting list for 15 or 30 days.

Remarket with Relevant content

If you have several different product categories, customize your message to align with the customer’s interest. For example, a fashion designer might sell jeans, shirts, dresses, and swimwear. By setting up a couple of rules in your Google Ad tool, you could serve jean ads to users who viewed jeans, sportswear, to sportswear shoppers, and so on. Get the picture? You can take it to an even higher level with Dynamic Remarketing, which allows you to provide the exact SKU the visitor viewed as a display ad across the network.

Give a Gift that Keeps on Given

Frequently small businesses use a unique discount code offered to users on the remarketing list, such as a percentage off their purchase. Try using other incentives to push your target customer to return to your website and complete the purchase, such as a gift.


Once you’ve chosen the type of campaign you’re going to run, you can establish goals or benchmarks to measure success. These are just some of the remarketing strategies we had success with our clients. 

Whether or not you’re brand new to internet advertising or it’s an old hat, implementing these tactics can help increase your return on ad spend and improve your campaign efficiency. 

Need help setting up a remarketing campaign or laying out a strategy? Drop us a line!

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