YouTube Channel 101: Increase Your Followers Today With 10 Easy Steps

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YouTube Channel 101

YouTube Channel 101: Increase Your Followers Today With 10 Easy Steps! The key to growing your business on YouTube is to develop a solid and consistent marketing plan. A solid marketing plan will drive brand awareness, attract loyal customers, and help you reach your business goals. 

Regardless of your purpose for creating a YouTube channel, it doesn’t take time to create one. After your channel has been completed and approved, you can change its appearance, edit your videos if necessary and perhaps group your videos into different playlists. 

Whether you are creating your YouTube account for your business or brand, here is a simple 3-step checklist you can follow; 1. Create A Google Account This is essential provided you didn’t have one previously. By default, your YouTube username will be your google username. Therefore, when you upload your videos, this username is what everyone else sees. 

However, you are free to change it once you’re on YouTube. If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google account, and you have access to all Google products such as Google Play, Google Maps, and YouTube. 

But before you can sign onto YouTube from your Google account, you will be asked to provide your first and last name. You can either choose between a distinctive name or select your actual first and last name. 

Choose Your YouTube Persona 

The name of your YouTube channel is critical. Popular YouTubers Mix their real name and a brand name. For example, most vlogging channels tend to use their full name, whereas most gaming channels tend to use a brand or made-up name. 

Be creative. If your channel is about an idea, concept, or brand channel, you’re going to want to use the brand name. Coming up with a brand name is something you should think about long and hard. 

Customize the Face of Your YouTube Channel 

The first impression of your channel is significant. Of course, the quality of your videos is supreme above all the rest. However, the truth is it’s best to cover all your bases. 

Some of the basic things you can change are your; • Channel’s icon • Channel’s art • Channel’s description. When you want to make these changes, go to your channel, and click the edit button next to the items you want to change. 

YouTube Channel Photo Icon 

The photo’s primary purpose is to draw people to click on your channel, so try and make it eye-catching. A scientifically based trick is to include your face in the icon (if appropriate) and pull a look that’s related to your YouTube channel (check out Vsauce’s icon) or just a picture of you smiling. 

You can also use your channel name as inspiration for the logo. If you’re stuck, you can even go on the website and get a logo made for as little as $5, and they’re excellent quality. 

You can also get your pictures professionally edited to include your logo on them here. People also opt for drawn versions of themselves, which can be good, especially if you’re not the most photogenic.

YouTube Channel Design 

As mentioned previously, you can get a nice banner made for as low as $5 on Fiverr; you can also use a free stock photo from or use a wallpaper you like. Channel Art is not an essential part of your channel; you can perhaps use this to advertise a book you’ve released or have a link to your website on there. 

YouTube Channel Description 

Although the number of people who check your channel description concerning your subscribers will be pretty low, it’s good to include links to other social media profiles that you want to share and links to your website.

Many YouTubers also include a FAQ for questions you might be asked a lot. A crucial step, have your business email here. Your business email can be handy for increasing the revenue you make on YouTube.

Setting up a YouTube Channel Brand 

Nothing brings more satisfaction than getting to a huge milestone when it comes to your YouTube channel and brand. The first milestone you can celebrate is the initial 1,000 subscribers. Making it to this many subscribers seems impossible to those who are new to the idea, but it’s easier than you think! YouTube works best in conjunction with other websites and social networks and can be used as a catalyst to improve your business and audience.

Content is King

To be a successful YouTuber, you must post valuable content and do it consistently. Your title is a primary indicator when YouTube’s algorithm and viewers gaze at your channel to evaluate your video. Therefore include relevant keywords. To check what words people use to find your channel, look at Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner. These analytical sources can provide remarkable insight into gaining ideas. As a YouTube creator, your one crucial job is to create content.

Give your Videos Smart Names 

Another challenging aspect of YouTube content creation is coming up with a good title for your videos. You may have an idea already, but it could be too long or complicated. Stick with the rule of keeping it as basic as you can, and YouTube can auto-complete the name. 

Utilize the Custom Thumbnail Option

You can increase your views and subscriptions on YouTube with this simple change. Just use a popular font on different photos online to get attention, then you can adjust the image in Photoshop. You can make the title of the picture thumbnail something other than the video title so viewers can instantly tell what they are about to see.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.

When your videos end, make sure you ask them to subscribe and “like” your video and channel. Also, it tells what audience members can expect from your channel. For instance, if you focus on home improvement project tips, you can ask users to subscribe to get more information on the subject.

Make Use of Annotations

Have you ever been watching a video and see those little pop-ups in the middle? Using these annotations can help make your content more effective. Sure, this does take a little extra effort, but as soon as you watch your rate of subscriptions increase, you’ll want

annotations in all of your videos.

Make a Quality Trailer for Your Channel

YouTube now gives video makers the chance to design their channel, including a trailer to cover the channel subject. Most people view a movie trailer to gain insight into its topic and subject matter. Your trailer should be no longer than a minute and a half, providing some scenes from the content you have on your channel along with reasons to subscribe. People will keep coming back if you put real effort into what you make.

Be Lighthearted

Being too serious can be a drag so keep lighthearted and engaging. Making mistakes openly presents you as more human to your audience. Therefore, strive to make it fresh, exciting, and spontaneous so your viewers are surprised when they come to your channel. 

If you are the humorous type, make sure you show that in your videos. If you are serious, be yourself. What people will respond to and appreciate the most is someone genuine and relatable. Everyone may not like you, but you will be appreciated by the ones who matter.


The final thing you need to do to ensure that you are creating a significant YouTube following is consistently research what content is being produced in your niche and how. 

Find some of the more prominent players in your niche that have been at it for a while, pay attention to what they are doing and how they are doing it, and then see how you can mix them into your channel creation.

 By regularly researching your niche, you can see what trends are rising, what is a relevant issue at the moment, and what your audience is responding to.

Studying your competitors will help inspire you with plenty of possible topics to discuss, trends you can leverage on and stay relevant and exciting. Also, develop strategies to create a more extensive interest with your audience.

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